El Hotel  
VERY IMPORTANT: Please, contact the hotel (before getting by car) to provide us with:
  1. YOUR CAR’S PLATE NUMBER: If it will be a rental car, you can call the hotel once you have rented it and know the plate number, but always before getting to the hotel.
  2. YOUR PASSPORT or ID NUMBER: It has to be the driver’s number.


· Clients who provide these details can cross CALLE PAGÉS (main access to Albayzín Quarter). Granada Town Hall has introduced automatic bollard systems to prevent private cars access to the Albayzín Quarter at certain times of day. If the street is not blocked you can cross it and if you find the street blocked press the button and say the hotel name “Hotel Santa Isabel la Real” and the Local Police will lower the bollard, so you can access.
· If you follow our suggested itinerary you will avoid crossing the city centre as it is full of streets forbidden for private cars like Recogidas, Reyes Católicos, Gran Vía de Colón, etc and you are not authorized to drive through those streets.